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Learn to play poker in 15 minutes

Learn the rules of Texas Hold'em Poker!

The Texas Holdem Poker Rules are the most simple to learn that can exist, and therefore we joined here for you a set of videos that explains in English the basic rules and how to play Texas Hold'em, in 15 minutes you will be able to play poker alone! You do not believe? See the videos and accept our challenge then!

Tutorial videos to learn how to play poker

If you've read the articles that explain how texas hold'em poker works and still have not understood here you have 3 videos that explain it, also if you are more of a visual person this will certainly help you to learn the rules of Texas Hold´em!

Tutorial I: Learn to play poker with a Monkey


In this video we can see some guys explaining the basic rules of poker by playing with a Monkey, and if a Monkey can I bet you can also!



Tutorial II: Learn to play poker with Stanton Tweni


Here you can lear to play poker with the professional player Stanton Tweni !




Tutorial III - Learn to Pley Poker with Gutshot


In this video we can learn how to play poker by watching the explanation of a british professional poker player from GutShot Poker!




And now after these three tutorials do you already understand the basics of Texas Hold´em?


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